Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing should be a large part of your Internet Marketing Plan

Every day Social Media increases in popularity!

Facebook topped 1 Billion users in 2012 and is still growing! YouTube has 800 Million video views per day, Twitter has 500 Million active users posting daily and sites like Google+ are quickly becoming essential to your business marketing plan!

Social Media Marketing Programs are full of Scammers

Still today there are very few local businesses that take advantage of the real power of Social Media and frankly, most Social Media Marketing companies go about marketing on Social Media all wrong!! Beware!

The key to Social Media is to be well…. Social! You (yes we do mean… YOU!) have to interact with the people you are connected to in order for them to pay any attention to what you are posting. If you (or the company you hire) simply post commercials or brochures or even coupons… for the most part, they will be ignored!  Any marketing should have a measurable ROI (Return On Investment), so ask your Social Media person to provide you with a report on your ROI. Most will tell you that you cannot measure the ROI of your Social Media campaign the same way you can with traditional marketing…. bottom line, you can… and WE DO!

Here at Solid Marketing Strategies, we have been able to build a Social Media Marketing programs that actually increases sales!

There are 100’s of Social Media Sites… what sites are best for my business?

Google+ is simply a must for every business… as Google continues to tie in programs like Google Places (Google Local Maps Listings), Google Authorship, Google+ Communities and more into Google Search, Google+ Social Media Website has become a MUST HAVE for every business.

Facebook continues to grow, however Facebook has lost the younger generation to Instagram… so Facebook has become the place to connect with Gen X and even Boomers as they start to age out.

Twitter is still a VERY powerful tool for drawing traffic to your website and is still big with Gen X and the younger crowd, so a targeted marketing program will pay off using Twitter!

Sites like LinkedIn are really good for anyone that does B2B (Business to Business) sales or is looking to connect with other business minded people. In 2012 LinkedIn took over the online “Jobs” title from as the #1 website to advertise for new personnel.