Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Preparing Your Website for Google Local Search is extremely important!

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Much of “Local” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is focused on the Meta Data and keyword rich content on the page itself. Over the past year we have seen some major changes from Google, Yahoo and Bing as to how they rank websites, however, this has NOT changed the fact that a properly Optimized website is very important to ranking well quickly.

Have Only One Website

In the past, having many “micro-sites” was VERY advantageous… however, things have changed. Avoid having multiple “micro-sites” floating around the web. They dilute your authority, cause problems with the search engines, and can confuse your potential clients.

Instead, your website should be a series of fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO), and targeted landing pages. This will add to the size and authority of your website and can be optimized to perform well in organic search, PLUS they are viewed as a normal part of your website by both search engines and visitors.

Know Your NAP (Name-Address-Phone Number)

Every Page on your website should have your business name,  address, and phone number (preferably a local number rather than a 1-800 number if you are targeting local customers) to use across the web. Think about it… how many times have you looked up a website to just get the phone number or address… make both easy to find on every page and you will be rewarded!

Consistent use of your NAP across all platforms, including your website, is crucial to “local” Search Engine success. Ideally, you would place your NAP information on every web page – I include it in my footer – but even if you only have it on your “Contact” page, it should match the NAP information that you set up your search engine accounts with, and an individual contact page for each location is better than having multiple locations listed on a single page.

Optimizing for your Location

Time for a little traditional SEO.

Although your business may serve multiple towns or cities in your area, you can actually only optimize your “Local” Search for the city in which you have a physical address. We optimize your site for your main location first, then we use multiple techniques to add more locations and service areas.

Most people have heard the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but have no real idea of what we really do… Add to that, the fact that there are so many “scammers” that claim they do SEO when they really just take your money and give you little to no results at all…

Here is a quick lesson on basic SEO…

When you see the results from a Google search, below is what you see, now you can see how that information gets into Google for you to find.

It’s all GEEK to me…

Don’t feel bad… most people cannot read HTML code (and have no desire to learn). However, it is easy enough to have a few key things to look for to see if your website needs work or not…

Start by bringing up your website, then “right click” on any of the text (not on any of the pictures). You should now be seeing a box with several choices (see pic below).