Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Preparing Your Website for Google Local Search is extremely important! Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Much of “Local” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is focused on the Meta Data and keyword rich content on the page itself. Over the past year we have seen some major changes from Google, Yahoo and Bing as to how they … [Read more…]

How to Hire an Effective SEO Company

If you own your own business, you might be worried about staying competitive with larger companies when it comes to capturing online sales. The internet is a nearly-universal tool consumer use for researching buying decisions in virtually every industry. You need to make sure your online presence is positive and that you’re easy for potential … [Read more…]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing should be a large part of your Internet Marketing Plan Every day Social Media increases in popularity! Facebook topped 1 Billion users in 2012 and is still growing! YouTube has 800 Million video views per day, Twitter has 500 Million active users posting daily and sites like Google+ are quickly becoming essential … [Read more…]