Online Media Business Branding Strategies for Beginners

Without a Handle… you don’t exist online! Make it easy for people to find you!

So…. What’s a “Handle”?


A handle can be anything from 5-15 characters (letters & numbers only) with no spaces or special characters. Most Social Media sites call them “User Names” but in reality, it is your Handle!

Here are some Examples:


The idea is to own your Handle (username) on every Social Media site out there… that way anyone that is searching for you within Social Media can find you easily.

Choosing your handle:

Choosing the right handle for your business is VERY important. If possible, it should be your business name, however, most businesses have a name longer than 15 characters.. so if that is you… be creative!

i.e.  The name of our company is “Solid Marketing Strategies” way too long for a username… so we chose “SMSGetFound” for our Social Media Handle

It is also very very useful to have a handle that is a keyword or keyword phrase directly related to your business as this will also help your Social Media pages show up in Google Search Results.

Your Handle also needs to be easy for people to remember, so a clever name using numbers to replace words  (for = 4) can be good… again if it is easy for people to remember.

Check to see if your chosen Handle is available…

We use the site  to check 159 Social Media Websites to see if a given Handle is available. Now, this is NOT all of them… but it is a really good start!

Simply type in your Handle and NameCHK will tell you on what sites it is taken or not….

The next step is to see if the URL is available…

Once you have your Handle chosen, the next step is to check to see if the domain name is available. You can use a service like or some other domain registrar to check.

NOTE: Make sure the domain you buy is the .COM!  The COM is really the only one people really remember…

Although it is not the end of the world if your Social Media Handle is not available as a domain name, it is preferred!  Let’s face it, would you remember “” or “” easier??

NOTE: You do not need to build a new website on your Social Media Handle Domain, a simple redirect to your existing website will do just fine!

We just handed you the Key to the Kingdom! The Holy Grail of SEO!

Once you have found a suitable Social Media Handle that is available on most (or all) of these 159 sites, the next step is to go and build out a complete profile on each and every one! Thus claiming your Social Media Handle!

PLUS, each profile on every site will have a place for you to put a link back to your website!!!