Facebook Marketing – Engage Your Customers on Facebook

If you don’t get business from Facebook you are doing it wrong!

Chances are you already have a Personal Facebook profile… and you should! However, you should also have a Facebook Business page as well. Profiles and pages are very different. On your profile, you are trying to “Friend” as many of your customers as you can… Yes, your customers! Let’s face it, people like doing business with people… so your “Personal” Facebook profile under your name should be for your business and you should be asking every single one of your customers to become friends on Facebook AND to “Like” your business page.

NOTE: If you still want a personal Facebook page for your “Real” friends, create a new profile page using a secondary email address and invite your friends to it.  If your friends are anything like mine, you definitely do not want them on your business profile.

The secret to Facebook is personal interaction and engagement and that needs to come from YOU the business owner. Facebook more than any other Social Media site is all about interaction with people you know.  So you really need to do this yourself to make it effective. Think of it this way, when a customer comes into your business and you personally greet them and have a conversation with them, it leaves a lasting impression…. so does continue that conversation on Facebook. This is VERY powerful when done correctly.