Eating Italian Food during your Italy vacation

You will find Italian food very important during and after your Italy vacation. People are often surprised by the variety of Italian cuisine, especially if they think they will be eating pizza, pasta, and spaghetti while on vacation in Italy. These classics are great, but it is important to try the local dishes. Italy will only be as good as the food it produces. If you can pair great wine with the food, you will experience the best of Italy.

There are three types of Italian cuisine. Northern, Central, or Southern. It will surprise you to find that Northern Italy is more Italian than you’d expect. You will find that they use less olive oils and more butter. They also consume more corn polenta, rice, and pasta here than they do tomato sauce. The use of wild game in Northern Italian cuisine is also a major part of the traditional Italian diet. These include wild fowl and rabbit as well as quail. Some towns and villages in Northern Italy are located near streams or rivers, and there are some coastal areas. If you are visiting Northern Italy, you might enjoy a lot more seafood and fish.

Central Italy is where we get our “Italian food”. It is the home of olive oil, cheeses, and rich tomato sauces. This area is also known for its seafood. Tuscany is an area in Central Italy where Italian cooking is believed to have originated. Southern Italy produces some of the most prized olive oils. However, very little of the oil is exported. Make sure to sample it while you are in Italy. The city of Naples is famous for its pizza. Also, southern Italy has many vineyards and grows citrus fruits. Southern Italy produces some of the finest wines in the entire world.

You can eat in many local restaurants while you are on vacation to Italy. It is possible to try different cuisines in Italy while on vacation. Many of these classes or culinary vacations also include winery tours and wine tasting events. These cooking classes are available from just a few hours up to half an hour and can cost anywhere from $150 to $250. Many of these classes are held in the homes of families or in small inns, bed and breakfasts. These classes can be taught by great chefs, many of which have managed restaurants or written Italian recipes. They can help you choose the best wine and food to go with it. Learn where you can find accompagnatrici ivrea to pass the time.